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Post-operative Instructions for Transrectal Ultrasound (TRUS) Guided Prostate Biopsies

Post Operative Care

The main risks associated with the procedure are:

  • Bleeding – which may occur in the bowel motions, the urine and in the seminal fluid. This usually clears within a few days although sometimes it may persist as dark blood in the seminal fluid for a little longer, up to 2-4 weeks. This is not serious.
  • Urinary difficulty – sometimes the procedure may cause some temporary swelling of the prostate and you may experience some difficulties with urination. On rare occasions, the urethra may block, stopping you urinating and you may need to have a catheter inserted. If this occurs contact your doctor or present to the nearest hospital.
  • Infection – severe infections are rare but you may experience some fevers and sometimes shivers. If this occurs contact your doctor or present to the nearest casualty department. To prevent the risks of infection, continue to take the antibiotics as prescribed.

Please follow these instructions to prevent complications from the procedure.

  • Continue taking antibiotics as directed pre-operatively by Dr Vass
  • Increase your fluid intake for the next 1-2 days to decrease formation of blood clots in your urine.
  • Limit physical activity for 24 hours.
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